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Mia Farrow in Pierre Cardin for the film “A Dandy in Aspic” _ Photo by Bill Epperidge, May 1967.

M. Bison by Masaomi KanzakiStreet Fighter II #5 (Aug. 1994)


Megatron Corner Box (1984)

"I’ve never seen anybody change so much in front of a camera as Audrey. In life, you’d think ‘How is she going to get through the day or even the hour?’ Her hands were shaking, she’s smoking too much, she’s worried, she’s being kind of desperately nice to everybody, she’s so fragile… But between the time she stepped in front of the camera and you said ‘Action!’, something happened. She pulled it together. A kind of strength through vulnerability - strength like an iron butterfly… The performance was true, never weak, always strong and clear. It was an amazing thing to watch, this professional completely in charge of her instrument without even thinking about it. I think it was all second nature." 
Peter Bogdanovich